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1 07, 2024

Surgical Excellence On the Move

2024-01-24T11:14:18-05:00Mobiles Hospitals, Modular Clinic, Modular Hospital, Truck Based Hospitals and Clinics|

Mobile Surgical Room has thrust innovation into the ever-evolving field of healthcare. Imagine having a state-of-the-art mobile surgical suite that is fully furnished and prepared to travel to any location in need of superior surgical care. Through an exploration of their sterile surroundings, the progression from minor to big incisions, and their revolutionary influence

1 06, 2024

Transforming Healthcare: The Influence of Mobile Dialysis Clinics and Hospitals

2024-06-03T11:53:50-04:00Mobiles Hospitals, Modular Clinic, Truck Based Hospitals and Clinics|

Mobile Dialysis Clinics and Mobile Hospitals are emerging as game-changers in healthcare, addressing accessibility challenges in medical services in an ever-evolving industry. Our focus remains on the quick deployment, development, and significant contribution they make to ensuring timely and easy access to dialysis. Mobile Lifesaver: A Dialysis Clinic on Wheels The Mobile Dialysis Clinic

1 05, 2024

Clear Vision on the Move: Transforming Community Eye Health with Mobile Ophthalmology Clinics

2024-01-22T14:22:37-05:00Mobiles Hospitals, Modular Clinic, Truck Based Hospitals and Clinics|

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the advent of Mobile Ophthalmology Clinics marks a significant stride towards ensuring that eye care is not confined to the walls of traditional clinics. This blog aims to shed light on the specialized eye care services offered by these mobile units and the profound impact they have on

1 04, 2024

Empowering Women Everywhere: The Impact of Mobile Gynecology Services

2024-04-01T09:36:33-04:00Mobiles Hospitals, Modular Clinic, Truck Based Hospitals and Clinics|

In the realm of healthcare innovation, the concept of mobile gynecology services has emerged as a transformative force, breaking down barriers to women's healthcare and reaching those in remote areas. This blog delves into the convenience of mobile gynecology services, exploring their profound impact on women's healthcare and the pivotal role they play in

1 03, 2024

Military and Mobile Kitchen

2024-03-01T15:30:32-05:00Modular, Utility|

A military and mobile kitchen unit; is a modular structure developed to provide three meals a day of cooking and distribution in the military field or in case of a natural disaster. Vertisa manufactures modular military and mobile kitchen units for many countries on a project basis. Vertisa, which has extensive production technology, is a

1 02, 2024


2024-02-01T10:14:04-05:00Field Hospitals, Hospitales Moviles, Mobiles Hospitals, Modular Clinic, Modular Hospital, Truck Based Hospitals and Clinics|

Ready to own a mobile clinic? We've got your back with a simple step-by-step guide. Each step throws in some important questions to help figure out exactly what you need and how to tell the mobile clinic manufacturer about it. STEP 1. LET'S KICK IT OFF Thinking about getting your own

19 01, 2024

Revolutionizing Healthcare: The Versatility of Mobile Hospitals and Clinics

2024-01-22T13:19:07-05:00Mobiles Hospitals, Modular Clinic, Truck Based Hospitals and Clinics|

In a rapidly evolving world, where adaptability is key, the concept of mobile hospitals and clinics emerges as a beacon of innovation in healthcare infrastructure. These versatile units, aptly dubbed "Hospital in a Can," have become instrumental not only in disaster relief but also in providing specialized medical services on the go. In this

8 12, 2022

Mobile Dental Clinic: The Practicality of Practically Easily Deliverable Dentistry

2022-12-08T01:23:51-05:00Mobiles Hospitals, Modular Clinic, Truck Based Hospitals and Clinics|

As a manufacture of mobile dental clinic, you’re able to reach many more patients daily with our mobile dental clinic than stationary office locations. With the same goal of offer the same friendly services and convenient scheduling, but in a way that allows you to travel directly to the patients for their convenience. Our mobile

6 07, 2022

Natural Disaster and Mobile Hospitals and Clinics

2022-07-06T17:38:04-04:00Blog Yazıları|

Mobile Hospital and Modular Clinics bring great results  in Health Care after Natural Disasters The health system brings Mobile Hospitals or Mobile Clinics directly to the patient to help decrease overcrowding and transport. Disasters such as an earthquake, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and an epidemic usually lead to large numbers of casualties accompanied by

22 06, 2022

When to use a Modular Hospital

2022-06-22T00:22:33-04:00Modular, Modular Clinic, Modular Hospital|

Modular Hospital and Clinic had many applications. When you think of modular hospital the word modular you see the former “traditional” modular prefabrication the construction trailer on wheels — or the portable classroom. That’s where the modular design industry was stuck for many decades. But in the last few years, modular design has become more

2 06, 2022

Modular Clinic on wheels

2022-06-03T17:31:49-04:00Hospitales Moviles, Mobiles Hospitals, Truck Based Hospitals and Clinics|

Dental Modular Clinic on wheelsModular clinics have more specific needs than general office and commercial spaces, but even these stringent requirements can be easily met with prefabricated buildings. Modular hospitals and Clinics can be custom designed to meet a wide range of specific needs.Each modular clinic can be customized in a variety of ways to

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