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VERTISA Medical Systems plans, designs, develop, manufacture medical and related turnkey projects for private, military, and government clients worldwide. The main focus is to deliver Fast Deployable Modular Solutions for Clinics, Covid Ready Hospitals, Mobile Dialysis Clinic, Mobile Field Hospitals, Prefabricated, Mobile and Modular Hospitals, and Clinics. scalable projects according to client needs.

VERTISA solutions are at the forefront of applying Sophisticated Engineering to supply fully integrated, deployable, and mobile healthcare solutions offering various applications and services no matter the weather conditions or geographic location worldwide.

Our company is made of many talented and competent personnel who have worked at the highest strategic and operational levels in the medical and engineering sectors who shared our company’s core values and expertise.

Our team has the ability to listen to clients’ problems and come up with the best project solution by utilizing the latest and most advanced technologies available in the market.

Customer project needs requests are analyzed in-house while our Project Team offers cutting edge designs, that are outstanding in quality and value with a commitment to comply and deliver Fast Deployable Solutions, in the shortest time period possible.

Thank you for considering doing business with our company as experts in mobile and modular solutions that fit your projects. We welcome the opportunity to serve you!


Quality Materials
The hospital units supplied by Hospitales Móviles integrate the highest level of human engineering with advanced medical technologies and ease of operation.

We meet the highest international health and military standards approved by world Health Administrations and Defense Forces.

Expert Training
We provide training to the staff for the operation and maintenance of these hospital units.

Hospitales Móviles places great emphasis on carrying out business in an honest, transparent, and ethical way. We comply with all laws and regulations in all countries in which we work. We do not tolerate bribery or corruption. All our directors, officers, and employees must abide by its terms. All subsidiary companies and those associated with us are required to comply with this policy.

& Honesty

Certifications & Affiliations

Hospitales Móviles has formed alliances with leading companies to develop diverse projects.
For compliance and security of our projects, we are also certified by the following globally recognized organizations.

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