Mobile hospitals and clinics allow health care professionals, the government, and companies to provide immediate medical care. These systems are fully equipped to offer prompt response to medical care and solve the medical crisis. We can help you deliver medical solutions, immediately, to your patients and your community!

Mobile Hospital (Health Care On-the-Go)

Our Mobile Hospitals are deployable fast to go to healthcare service right away! Each unit can be customized with a solid structure to the project’s needs!

Local medical emergencies can be overwhelming for the local government and medical facilities to handle, as these situations usually occur without notice. It is important to react quickly to local public health concerns and this is where can help.

Our engineering team can work with the client to design and implement the medical solution project they want or need, we will have a solution.

We offer Mobile Hospitals on the ground and truck-based systems. Depending on the nature of the project, we can recommend module units that can be built for immediate deployment on trucks and trailers for easy transportation and operation. Whether the modules are on the ground or trailer-based, all units are connected with platforms, or tents, creating a closed environment.

These solutions are not just to deliver fully and integrated health care with high capacities, but also mobile and fast to install.

Our mission is to help people get medical services fast, attend to natural disasters, pandemic disease, and armed conflicts worldwide, applying sophisticated engineering to medical projects. offers a short delivery time, a fully integrated medical solution that is modern, durable, and plug and play!

Our Mobile or Modular Hospital and Clinics can be fully integrated and customized to serve functions like:

  • Medical teaching labs
  • <span”>Medical sales and product demonstrations
  • Mobile clinic
  • Mobile hospitals
  • Sports medicine trailers
  • Mobile mammography
  • Mobile audiology
  • Mobile labs
  • Mobile physical therapy
  • Mobile Dental
  • Mobile MRI
  • Mobile Dialysis Clinic
  • Morgue
  • Veterinary clinic
  • Mobile health screening trailers

As a supplier, we are prepared to work on your project alongside a team of an experienced and savvy engineering team, who can offer sophisticated solutions! can design, develop and deliver any size project you want right away. For samples of the projects, we offer or quotes: Call 407-956-7377 or email us at: info@HospitalesMoviles.comfor quotes.