Inflatable Tents

Depending on the type of project requested, can suggest to implement fast deployable Tent Solutions depending on project objectives or they can integrated with Modular and Container combinations.

Technical Properties

  • It can be ready to used within 10 minutes with its own compressor
  • Special foor isolation for the heavy climate conditions
  • Water proof and flame retardant fabric
  • Carrying opportunity with its own bag
  • Tent fixing sticks
  • Heating, cooling and ventilating channels
  • Easy and pratical setup
  • No need for metal supports
  • Special nodes for cable connections
  • Connectable to a container or a tent

Ohter Accessories that can be added:

  • Windows, lightning and additional doors
  • Lamps
  • Heater, cooler and air conditioner
  • Divisions in the tent, cubicle type for isolation or privacy
  • Mobile water, electricity, and sound system
  • Mobile furniture
  • Medical equipment
  • Special command post technology

Tents are very common used in emergency applications where fast field natural emergencies and military needs need to be taken care of.

Sizes and Quantity vary per project needs. Please call or write for Free Confidential Proposal.

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