1 03, 2024

Military and Mobile Kitchen

2024-03-01T15:30:32-05:00Modular, Utility|

A military and mobile kitchen unit; is a modular structure developed to provide three meals a day of cooking and distribution in the military field or in case of a natural disaster. Vertisa manufactures modular military and mobile kitchen units for many countries on a project basis. Vertisa, which has extensive production technology, is a

22 06, 2022

When to use a Modular Hospital

2022-06-22T00:22:33-04:00Modular, Modular Clinic, Modular Hospital|

Modular Hospital and Clinic had many applications. When you think of modular hospital the word modular you see the former “traditional” modular prefabrication the construction trailer on wheels — or the portable classroom. That’s where the modular design industry was stuck for many decades. But in the last few years, modular design has become more

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