Each year millions of people suffer from the damage brought by natural disasters and other humanitarian crises.

When disasters strike, the vital infrastructure necessary to respond to the disaster is often damaged or destroyed, including hospitals and healthcare centers. Then the deployment of field and mobile hospitals becomes the number one priority of the immediate disaster response.

Many countries, governments, and military agencies are investing in Field Hospitals and Mobile hospitals, not just for the fast deployable medical solution that they bring, they are true solutions in the moment of need. This type of hospital is a perfect fit for any type of emergency or situation like Natural Disaster, Pandemic, Wars, or battlefield regardless of geographical condition, First Aid, Rescue Center and Surgery, and more.

To address the need for this pandemic, mobile field hospitals are being the number one demand product to offer a vital solution to the victims in need.

These field hospitals can be set up by large trailers, including canvas tents with hard flooring and temperature-controlled units that feature running water, toilets, showers, and generators as well as air purifiers and more. The most import is that they are built according to the client’s needs.

Our designs and solutions are prepared to serve fast and reliable medical service to our clients.

Here are a few solutions that may be fit for your future project: