Hospitals have been around for so long that we don’t think about their inefficiencies. These include on-site inefficiencies like medical equipment and other stuff. And it also has the building inefficiencies that plague the project even decades later.

So Hospitales Móviles is bringing effective and efficient ways to build your desired hospital with innovative equipments. We use the Modular approach to designing and assembling your hospitals so they’re not only less expensive but can also be modified and extended when needed.

Just to make everything clear, let’s look at this table Modular Hospitals vs. Traditional of why a modular hospital would be better than a regular one.

Modular Mobile Hospital Brick and Mortar Regular Hospital
From an investment point of view, Mobile Hospitals are the prime candidate as they cost much less than a regular hospital and have a greater ROI as a whole. A regular hospital costs a lot, which can be attributed to the building material (discussed below), and has a very low ROI in general.
Because Mobile Hospitals are made with light, strong yet affordable material, these tend to cost only a fraction of a regular hospital while ensuring a similar, if not better, level of security. High material and building costs, added with the inefficient design, can make a regular hospital very expensive.
Mobile Hospitals take substantially less time to build, which makes them a quick investment opportunity. Regular hospitals can take years to build and require a very large investment to be marginally profitable.
Because modular, mobile hospitals can be built in a factory and then transported to the site without any hassle. This eventually leads to better finishing and cost-effectiveness. A regular hospital has to be built from the ground up on the site, which not only takes a lot of time but adds other complexities too.
If required, new modules with the latest equipment can be added whenever needed. This makes Mobile Hospitals extremely customizable. Once built, it’s very difficult to add something new to the hospital, and a lot of contracts and time have to be assigned even for smaller changes.
Mobile Hospitals are perfect for remote areas where regular hospitals are not present and can provide all the facilities without disturbing anyone. Regular hospitals, due to their huge building and rigid foundations, cannot be present in remote areas. This makes it very difficult for local people to get the required medical assistance.

13 Unit Bed

Pharmacy Section

Triage Section

This chart should help you get an idea of what makes mobile hospitals an optimal choice. At Hospitales Móviles, we make sure that each and every module is in the best shape. Our experts have designed and built so many field hospitals and can help you get the desired field hospital in just a few months. All you need to do is inform us of your requirements, the equipment you’d need, and the conditions where this hospital will be used. Once that’s known, we’ll get to work and provide custom-built, strong and secure, and affordable mobile hospitals. In addition, we’ll help your staff get accustomed to the hospital by providing free training. So if you’re looking for long-lasting mobile hospitals, Hospitales Móviles has got you covered.