Mobile Emergency Hospital

Hospitales Móviles projects and manufactures medical centers (hospitals) with a capacity suitable for clean space rules, from units that provide primary healthcare services to surgical intervention rooms and operating rooms.
It manufactures and installs mobile clinical units in more medical branches such as cardiology, gynecology, medical imaging, dental screening, and care units.

Mobile clinics can offer a single medical service as well as bring together different medical services. In this way, medical services (screening/examination) can be delivered quickly even to the most remote places.


Benefits of  Mobile Hospital

– Ease of transportation of medical supplies (drugs and equipment)
– Easy on patient privacy
– Non-interruption of health services in all adverse weather conditions with snow and rain
– Uninterrupted full system supply with its own energy sources (generators)
– Independent washbasins and toilets with their own water tanks and infrastructure

Hospitals Móviles produces mobile solutions.

Mobile Intensive Care Trailer

Portable trailer mobile intensive care units designed and manufactured by Hospitals Móviles are the best solution to prevent and reduce the spread of all epidemic diseases, especially covid19.

In addition, infected patients can be treated in mobile intensive care units. Mobile intensive care unit trailer respirators, which can be increased to the desired number of intensive care bed capacities, include support equipment as well as Hepa filter air conditioning systems.

Mobile Quarantine Clinic Trailer

The portable trailer mobile quarantine clinic designed and manufactured by Hospitals Móviles is the best solution offered to treat the infected person during the epidemic periods. Especially for patients with the Covid-19 virus, independent ventilation consists of intensive care rooms with a toilet inside the medical gas system (HEPA filter). 100% fresh air control of the rooms is provided with HEPA and HVAC systems. In addition, thanks to the touch control panel, airflow rates, and temperatures can be adjusted easily. There are separate medical gas systems bedside units in the patient beds. Entrances are controlled by an airlock door system.

Mobile BSL2 & BSL3 Laboratory

Hospitals Móviles designs and manufactures mobile portable laboratories with BSL2 BSL3 protection compartments according to the needs and demands of the customer.

Fresh air circulation is provided with HEPA filtered vents at all mobile laboratory unit entrances and exits.

The entrances and exits of our mobile laboratory units are through Airlock doors and all personnel is controlled in this way. Optionally, Airlock doors of mobile laboratories can be installed with finger reading, hand sensor, button entry, card access, or encrypted access systems. In addition, all air flows are under control with the negative pressure system.


Mobile Clinic Trailer and On Vehicle

Hospitals Móviles designs and manufactures mobile trailers or on-board clinical units in line with customer demands.
Mobile clinics can offer a single medical service as well as bring together different medical services. In this way, medical services (screening/examination) can be delivered quickly even to the most remote places. Vertisa Modular mobile portable clinics can be in the form of trailer or truck model platforms.

Mobile Covid-19 Sample Unit

Hospitals Móviles designs mobile sampling laboratories according to customer demands and stores the Covid-19 samples for testing under appropriate conditions. Mobile sampling units are ideal solution as a solution to the need for sampling for Covid-19 testing from more people during the epidemic period. Thanks to the HEPA filter HVAC system, clean air and temperature are brought in accordance with the standards.

Mobile Vaccine Transfer Vehicle

Vaccines should be transported under certain conditions and should be stored in appropriate temperature environments without deterioration of their structures. Mobile vaccine transfer vehicles are designed for transportation and distribution.

Hospitals Móviles mobile vaccine vehicles include fully fed freezers, generators, and UPS sources. Deep freezers are monitored by internet connection message warning systems. Mobile vaccine transport vehicles can be produced on a container basis with a vaccine carrying capacity of over 100 thousand.

Mobile Covid-19 Test Laboratory

Hospitals Móviles designs and manufactures mobile test laboratories during epidemic periods, mobile test units that enable Covid-19 tests to be performed faster and to more masses, thanks to the HEPA filter HVAC system, room temperatures are controlled with fresh and clean air. In Covid -19 mobile test rooms, HEPA filters are used in inlet and outlet ventilation.

Mobile Eye Clinic

A mobile eye clinic with all medical equipment is an ideal solution for eye examination and diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases in cases where there is a shortage of access to the physician in eye examination and eye screening services.

They are clean hygienic units that can provide medical services in rural and disaster areas of Sahara. It provides its energy and ventilation system with its own independent generators and air conditioning.

Mobile Dental Clinic

Mobile dental clinics come into play in regions that have difficulty accessing dental screening treatment services. Mobile dental clinics, which are produced in different models, are independent units with sufficient medical equipment, and mobile portable dental clinics are implemented with Hospitals Móviles solutions in regions where dental clinical services are not sufficient in rural areas.


Mobile X-Ray CT Scan and Gynecology Clinic

Hospitals Móviles designs and manufactures X-Ray systems used in medical imaging as mobile units. Mobile X-Ray units, which can be designed as integrated into gynecology clinics, include a dressing room, a viewing room, WC, and a consultation nurse room. The radiology room is produced with lead insulation in accordance with the standards. CT scan units can be produced as trailers or fixed ground-based.


Mobile Mammography Clinics

Hospitals Móviles prepares and manufactures portable mobile mammography clinical projects

Mammography is very important for the early diagnosis of breast cancer, thanks to mobile mammography clinics, the rate and number of breast cancer screenings are increasing locally. Optional mobile mammography units designed with different features are used and serve worldwide.
Hospitals Móviles mammography units have a mammography room, dressing room, WC information nurse room.

Special productions are made according to customer preference.

Mobile Portable Operating Room

Hospitals Móviles designs and manufactures onboard and trailer-based mobile operating rooms and surgical units. Mobile surgical units are portable wheeled trauma units designed to provide on-site surgical interventions in disasters and other emergencies.

With the filtration system HEPA, the room air is cleaned and the temperatures of the intensive care rooms come to normal levels with the cooling coils.

There are systems such as portable mobile operating room units, medical gas installations, medical gas hiding compartments with grill ventilation alarm panels, storage cabinets.


Mobile Portable Dialysis Units

Hospitals Móviles enables dialysis centers, which are vital for kidney patients, to be brought to patients’ feet thanks to its mobile dialysis units. The RO system, which enables the dialysis units to operate, contains a water cooler, insulated water tanks, and all other equipment.


In mobile dialysis units, there are entertainment applications to spend time in dialysis chairs so that patients do not get bored. Mobile dialysis units can be in the form of trailer or truck model platforms.